Why Choose Summit?

Why Summit NE?

Is your Community being properly managed?

Take a look at the checklist below – it lists all the things that should be happening if your condominium is well-managed.


Yes   -   No

Do you get monthly or quarterly financial report and bank statements?

Do all unit owners receive a year-end summary of income and expenses?

Does your management company prepare an annual budget?

Do they offer a Reserve Study Budget?

Does management enforce collection of condo/rental fees from all owners/tenants?

Do you have the option to pay condo/rental fees online or by automatic transfer?

Does your management company enforce your rules and regulations?

Does management have an explicit understanding of the Condo By-laws and Master Deed?

Do you have online access to condominium/property files and documents?

Does management issue an insurance analysis and place bids?

Do you receive reasonable and fast response to phone calls and e-mails?

Do you get courteous responses from management company employees?

Does your management company attend meetings?

Do you get 24/7 emergency services?

Does management facilitate bidding and supervision of capital projects?

Does management supervise Capital, Project and Routine maintenance?

Does your association have a preventative maintenance program?

Does management do periodic inspections of fire safety equipment?

Are there scheduled routine maintenance checks?


If your property management is not providing most or all of these services, you may want to consider switching management companies. For more information or to receive a quote, contact:


Summit NE Management.

P.O. Box 278, North Scituate, RI 02857

Phone : 401-559-0236

  Email : customerservice@summitne.com