Maintenance Questions:


1. How long after requesting maintenance work can I expect to have it done?

If you request a Proposal to be written, giving you the price of the repair before it is made, you can expect an estimator to come to the property to assess the items requested for the Proposal in no more than five (5) days. Once the information is gathered for the Proposal, it will be written and delivered to you by whatever means you prefer within no more than two (2) days. Once you receive the Proposal from us, if you agree to the price and the terms, you would sign the Proposal and return it to our office with a deposit in the amount of one-third (1/3) of the total repair price. Once we have received the acceptance and deposit, we will schedule the work to begin. If the work is exterior and we will not have to enter the premises to make the repairs, we can have the work started within five (5) days. However, if the work is interior and we need access to the inside of the premises, the start date will depend on the Homeowners availability as we will have to schedule an appointment.

The amount of time a project takes depends on the size of the project. 


2. What materials would I need to supply i.e. paint, tiles, etc.?

Any materials needed for a job will be purchased by Summit Property Management Group, and reflected in the price of the repair, unless the Homeowner would like to provide them. When making a repair, we try to use similar materials to those that are existing. For example, if the paint in the area where we have made a drywall repair is yellow, we will use yellow paint for the area we repair. If the Homeowner has the paint to use, we will use the paint and, obviously, not charge for that material. 

3. How is pricing determined?

Our rates are as follows:

Typical service call - $55 for the first man, for the first hour of work.

Work using a forty foot (40') ladder - $75 for the first man, for the first hour of work.

Work using a sixty foot (60') ladder - $95 for the first man, for the first hour of work.

Emergency Call - $85 and does not include the first hour of work.

Labor rate - $55 for one man, for one hour.

After-hours labor rate - $85 for one man, for one hour.


Below is an example:

Summit Property Management Group comes to your property to make a repair to the soffit of your two-story townhome. This job requires two (2) men so safely use a ladder. A two-story townhome usually requires a forty foot (40') ladder. If the repair takes two (2) hours to complete, the price will be worked out like this: 1st hour - $65+44 2nd hour - $44+$44 For a total of = $157.

5. Do you also provide smaller scale maintenance work, such as shelving or other general home repairs?

Absolutely! We can do nearly any type of general home repairs, with the exception of intricate plumbing and electrical work. Our usual labor rates apply.

6. Is the work guaranteed?

If we make a repair, and the exact same issue returns, we will come back and correct the mistake without charge for up to thirty (30) days. We can provide roofing certificates that warranty work for up to ninety (90) days. If material is faulty, and not the workmanship itself, there is no guarantee as the material is out of our control. We always use quality products and materials, however, unexpected issues can always arise.



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